Ion Vinaga – a visionnary, philanthropist and adept of the BIGUAN project (Moldova)

By Ion Vinaga Reality
12 Jul 2019 @ 02:20

I support the Biguan Center for simple motivation - I have been a personal student of master Xu Mingtang for 15 years, so for me the family of Qigong is very close.

And, of course, humanity is now in need of a fundamental upgrade, reboot, restart, and the knowledge that exists in the Qigong school, at the Beijing KUNDAWELL Institute and in the person of Master Xu Mingtang – certainly, it is fundamental and for the benefit of all humanity.

This knowledge gives people individual opportunities, despite their gender - whether you are a man or a woman, regardless of religion.

There is a big transformation on the earth nowadays, there are other vibrations. The preventive medicine is actively developing, and it is possible to say that the Biguan Center can become one of its mechanisms – an alternative preventive medicine associated with the body, with the mind and with the balance of all life processes.

In my vision, we assist at the moment when spirituality and scientific activities of different directions can synchronize and give a good result.

Such ancient directions as Zhong Yuan Qigong, Taoism, Chinese medicine are based on deep fundamental knowledge, that can be useful for different people and become alternative mechanisms.

Plus, I think this is the first test center, and I am personally convinced it has a great future.

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