A look into the future: What is it, a residential complex of a new generation?

By Ion Vinaga Future
29 Jan 2019 @ 04:05

Today, the real estate market is full of decent offers for every taste. That is why, today, developers are not easy to come up with something new, fundamentally distinguishing their projects from those of competitors. We did it.

We are pleased to present you our new project - a multifunctional residential complex in Chisinau Dream Home Residence. This is the home of a new generation, and that is why it is the one you always looked for.


Perfect location

The complex has the entire necessary infrastructure for a comfortable stay. And it is not surprising, because this is the very heart of Chisinau! It is located in the historical center of the capital, near the building of the former steam Red Mill, which is a local architectural monument located on the street with the same name. The mill building is included in the Register of Historical and Cultural Monuments of Chisinau and is located not far from Pushkin Hill, which once served the population as a belvedere - an elevated place from where you can admire a beautiful view of the city.

Developed infrastructure and advantageous location allow you to effectively manage your time and use new possibilities for growth, opens up new opportunities for life and business. This is a quick access to any point of the city and numerous educational institutions, parks, supermarkets, restaurants and cultural institutions, automobile gas stations. The complex also has good transport accessibility.


Ion Vinaga
Ion Vinaga


Combination of tradition and innovation

The complex represents a multi-stage ensemble of 6 buildings with a common architectural idea, which combines the classic brevity of features and an innovative way of thinking. The exterior of this multifunctional complex, the average height of which is 5 floors, promises to be very original. This new building effectively stands out from the surrounding buildings, but it does not conflict with the overall style of urban development. The white stone will be used in the facades, allowing the new building to harmonize perfectly with the general architectural ensemble of the city in the best traditions of the “white city” of Chisinau.

In the residential complex Dream Home Residence everyone will find a suitable apartment for themselves. We offer you various layouts with 1, 2, 3, 4 rooms. You can choose your desired apartment on any floor and overlooking any side of the city thanks to the competent design of a residential complex. Residents will be able to organize the space at will and make any design ideas real. The residential complex will provide you with a new level and modern standards of living. The design of the layouts was focused not only on the structure and aesthetics, but also on the maximum practicality and safety of those living in these apartments.

Dream Home Residence offers you not only apartments, but also luxurious 2-level penthouses with 5-6 rooms. Windows offer breathtaking views of the city. Penthouses of this size can be used as a place for a comfortable life for a large family or as a representative office with the possibility of living there. The main advantage of this kind of real estate is, of course, its privacy.



Digital generation chooses creativity and ecology

The main distinctive features of modern youth are the use of various Internet gadgets, digital technologies, both at work and at leisure. At the same time, the younger generation takes an active interest in applied sciences and technologies; they are characterized by “ecological thinking” and an emphasis on a healthy lifestyle. It is also considered that, in general, it is more economical and rational in its attitude to natural and energy resources.

These trends have prompted our developers to use everything unusual when building a dream home, to pay attention to the energy efficiency and environmental friendliness of the house. That is why only high-quality innovative ecological building materials and modern construction methods were used. From the point of view of modern engineering solutions, this residential complex can certainly be called unique. Excellent sound and thermal insulation will allow enjoying the tranquility after a hard day of work. Each apartment is equipped with independent heating and ventilation (Italian equipment), individual counters of electricity, natural gas and water. Dream Home Residence is a good example of modern Smart Home and home automation.


Unified space with clear zoning

Nowadays, people have stopped “locking themselves from the world” in their apartment, it is important for them to use the most of the territory and public spaces of the house, active and passive recreation areas and convenient communications with them. The spacious apartments of the Dream Home Residence residential complex offer you many advantages. You can easily make it real any of your design ideas. Each family member will have his own corner, thereby forming his own personal space. The high level of insolation, provided due to the large size of the windows in the apartments, increases the perception of space and adds more light and comfort. Large apartments allow you to create recreational rooms with a pool table, library or gym.

In addition, the internal public space is a clear zoning of the territory for different target groups - modern playgrounds for kids, for teenagers - sports grounds, bicycle paths, courtyard wi-fi, for adults - landscape design of places for walks and rest.

Security is a key factor for a smart home. The developer will provide residents with a full range of services with modern security systems, video surveillance throughout the territory, fire safety and elevator silent systems. In addition, the building will have its own controlled two-level underground parking with 208 places with an elevator where you can safely store your car.

Employment and socialization without leaving home


Many buyers today adhere to the principle of "working and living in one place." We have foreseen everything in order to ensure you maximum comfort and practicality. On the ground floor of the complex there are specially equipped commercial premises. This option is great for your business, and the most important advantage of such premises is the fact that they are in a crowded place. Here you can open your art gallery, yoga studio, various craft centers, etc. The presence of commercial premises falls, first of all, in the field of view of residents, and not just from outside businessmen.

The residential complex Dream Home Residence is combination of service and thoughtfulness, comfort and functionality, put on a new level. And this is a lifestyle that is right for you!

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